Is It Right For Your Child?

Student working on the small movable alphabet

Children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds all over the world have benefited from a Montessori education. Your child will as well.

For the preschool/kindergarten child, academic readiness is not the issue. Whether the child can count, identify colors, or use scissors properly is not the focus. The Montessori teacher is interested in the child's developmental readiness to respond to the sensory stimulation of the Montessori environment.

You, as the parent, sense that the time may be right for your child to come to school. Perhaps, the toys at home no longer seem interesting. Maybe your child has already had some positive experiences away from you. You feel that your child is ready for new experiences, challenges, and friends. Now your child is ready to benefit and grow in the Montessori classroom.

Your child will feel connected to a caring community in which her individual developmental needs are satisfied by the manipulative materials. There she can learn at her own pace, free from the time pressures of our fast-paced society. There she will gain independence, self-esteem, and respect for others. Childhood happens only once. A Montessori education ensures that your child will make the best of hers.

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